The opportunities for the promotion of diplomas, bachelor’s Accelerated by teachers, distance master degree

Colleges and universities across the distance master degree, country this year began offering students new educational opportunities through additional courses. Although many programs were added in the form of diplomas, colleges and universities also have established programs combined, and announced articulation agreements. Through articulation agreements, students, graduates are at a university in a position to save money would be when you become a distance master degree in another Institution. With joint degree programs, students earn credits for a Master’s degree while working on his diploma. At least one institution has, the addition of an accelerated study also save time and money for students announced. The new levels are:

Ashford University: The Clinton, Iowa-based institution announced in the fall, a new study of business administration, adult education development, military studies, and marketing of health and Communication. The commercialization of health and communication and development distance master degree, of adults and military programs are curriculum online. Degree in four years, be taught in business management online and on campus, according to the facility. Ashford University has also introduced two majors of his master’s degree in education. The latest additions, the ability to read and a library and media center, the number of teachers in training to 14.

Bellevue University: East Belleview, Nebraska-based institution, which announced in June, a new stage in the management of programs of early childhood. The distance master degree accelerated curriculum and provides information that says relevant to child care and early education. After the announcement of the University of Bellevue, this measure of administrators, agency personnel licensing, child care providers and those that have programs in early childhood to the rank of a stepped design partner community Schools.

Benedictine University: Lisle Illinois-based institution announced in July a new dimension in criminal justice and the graphics distance master degree and design. The program began with the winter semester 2010. Known as the four-year degree in graphic, even for students of design, different design approaches and their teachers how to teach you to distance master degree solve the problems of aesthetic, technical and conceptual research degree in criminal justice thinking critical solution Solving abilities and others, according to a statement by Benedictine University. Students of graphic design and the program also gain experience and are capable network as an intern.

Brandman University: The institution of Irvine, California, in May announced it would be a new degree in business administration and management of a Master of Business Administration Add. The new course designed to prepare students for entrepreneurship to prepare sustainable development, Leadership and more in distance master degree, a global economy, according to an announcement Brandman University. If the Brandman campus of the University of California and Washington state available as the fall semester 2010 will be.

Brown College: Mendota Heights, distance master degree, Minnesota-based institution, through an agreement with the University of Colorado, allows students a degree in Criminal Justice Brown College to earn, to enter an MBA program a concentration of criminal justice in Colorado Technical University online. Students who benefit from the provision of postgraduate education are entitled to money through activities such as fee waivers for applications that are part of the agreement are to save, after an announcement made by Brown College.

This institution has added online since summer 2010, over 11 new programs, including a joint degree in Business Administration with a focus on health: Capella University and a Master of Health Administration, Bachelor and Master combined public safety. A graduate of the combined public safety and a Master of Public Administration in a joint distance master degree in psychology with a Master of Education, a BA in public administration, with an optional Master of Public Administration and a Master combines public administration and public safety program together . Capella University has also has a reading Honors for his doctorate in education. In October, Capella University has announced that the certificate program online play and established interdisciplinary therapy legal ability and family psychology concentration with expertise in psychology with concentration in general psychology.

The students have a variety of distance master degree, funding options, if it the money to help pay for educational programs and is several colleges and universities. The U.S. education and labor departments and the nonprofit College Board, and sites like and thus the students to find scholarships. Colleges and universities also plan to offer scholarships for students to study with them.

Most of these programs on a remote college distance master degree universities that increasingly and to take advantage of the technologies available to agriculture. These online courses are the same distance master degree, high standards of the distance master degree program than their distance master degree conventional counterparts and are recognized by employers as equivalent.

By: Kayla Russell
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